Our Story, 
such as it is 

Way back in 21st Century Earth, 
a new sixth United States military branch was established and was destined to become SPACE FORCE

It is not known which administration created this new force (history records were lost in the great magnetic server storm of 2087 ), 
but it is known that the only survivors of the original force were an elite band of heroes known as PIRATES SQUADRON 10.

Recently recovered records indicate that in 2018 the Parallax Distortion Effect, amplified by the Kevin Spacey Time Continuum caused a once in a millennium flux when the beams of the Northern Lights and the Southern Cross ... well ... "crossed". It was rather astounding and just goes to show that time is fleeting. 

Anyways, madness took control.

Where were we? Oh yes, the genesis of the elite Pirates Squadron 10 team. This group still exists today for the sole purpose of protecting the Universe from evil despots, and generally saving the many worlds from dumbassity, and so forth and so on and what not.

Also to sell merchandise. Really, really cool merchandise. Like in our top secret CARGO SUPPLY STORE. and in our UNIFORM OUTLET. Also the new SMUGGLER'S HOLD.